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6 Periodic Tables for the 150th Anniversary

It's the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, recognized by the United Nations. Dmitri Mendeleev is credited with discovering the Periodic Table in 1869. Learn more about the celebrations at The International Year of the Periodic Table.

Check out these amazing collections:

Elemental Haiku

The Periodic Table with a haiku for each element developed by Mary Soon Lee. Hover over each element to read its haiku. Join the fun with the hashtag #ChemHaiku on Twitter. Website:

Photographic Periodic Table

Hover over the images to learn more about each element. Click on the element for photographic examples. Website:

TED-Ed Interactive Periodic Table

A video and lesson for every element! Website:

The Periodic Table in Pictures and Words

Click on the elements to see a close up each element in pictures and words. Website:

Google's Periodic Table of Elements

Visualization where the elements are sized by their frequency in the earth's crust. Website:

Periodic Stats

Click on the elements to learn history, general information, engineering, and more!



Communities are building real-life examples of the elements in interactive displays.

The Ever-Changing Periodic Table

An interactive display at The University of Toledo Website:

Interactive Periodic Table

Located at the Downside School in the United Kingdom


What are your favorite Periodic Tables?


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