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Geography Education Resources





  • City-Guesser - Use map clues from a city to guess the location. Challenging
    game as labels are removed, use clues like bodies of water, rivers, and
    city layout 

  • GeoGuesser - View an image from Google Street View then guess where
    the photo was taken

  • Quizzity - Guess the location of cities, bonus points for speed

  • Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Google Earth game 

  • WikiWhere - Test your knowledge of major cities and their locations

Tour Creator from Google

Learning Passport


  • Map Maker Interactive from National Geographic is an online mapping tool allowing users to explore the world using themes, data, and tools

  • Mapping the Nation - from the Asia Society, mapping resource to support international education

  • Geopedia - combines geography and encyclopedic information

  • The True Size - website that allows you to compare the sizes of countries 

  • Google Crisis Map - weather, hazards, and emergency preparedness (advisories, warnings, earthquakes)

  • World Atlas -guides and atlases for information and statistics 


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