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roadside food stand

Use with the Primary Source Analysis Tool outlined on the Global Snapshots page

Roadside Stand
Nilgiri Mountains, India

A merchant sells produce and drinks at a roadside stand.

Researchable question: How do people in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India, get their food? 

Essential question: How does food distribution reflect the local culture? 

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Chocolate Tools and Locks 
Brussels, Belgium

Belgian chocolate comes in a variety of shapes: wrenches, locks, and gears.

Researchable question: Why would chocolate makers use molds like tools, locks, and gears?

Essential question: How do food choices reflect the local culture? 

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Making Naan  
Northern India

Naan being made by hand in a village in India.

Researchable question: How is naan made?

Essential question: How do energy sources contribute to the types of foods a community eats?

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Belgian Cuisine 
Brussels, Belgium

Tourists in Belgium are drawn to mussels, fries, and Belgian meatballs.

Researchable question: What foods are popular in Belgium?


Essential question: How does food reflect local culture?

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